Cause Of Acne

Although acne is a problem that affects up to 85 percent of people ages 12-24, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the cause of this particular skin condition. A poor diet does not cause acne. A tan may make your acne disappear temporarily, but it's not a long term solution to the problem.

The tendency to develop acne is often genetic. If your mother, father, or older siblings developed acne during puberty, you may also experience this skin problem. Acne typically begins during the early teens because puberty increases production of androgens. These hormones cause the enlargement and overstimulation of the sebaceous glands. The extra oil that results mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria on the skin's surface to block pores and cause inflammation. In women, androgen production also causes acne to appear during the menstrual cycle and in pregnancy.

What many people don't realize is that acne can also be caused by overly aggressive skin care regimens. Using an astringent can sometimes create dry skin, which causes the body to create even more sebum to compensate. Exfoliating products can spread infection when they contain overly abrasive ingredients. You should never pick or squeeze blemishes as a form of acne treatment because this can send the infection deep into the skin and cause permanent scarring.

Once you understand what causes acne, the problem becomes much easier to control. To treat acne without harsh chemicals or prescription medications, the best choice is an over the counter product containing time-released Salicylic Acid and natural botanical extracts. This combination is dermatologist-approved to treat and prevent acne without causing skin irritation.

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