Acne Skin Care

Acne sufferers will be pleased to learn that it's possible to have a clearer complexion without the expense or inconvenience of prescription medications. Treating acne often requires a skin care regimen consisting of several different over the counter products designed to work together for maximum effectiveness. Products should be dermatologist approved to treat existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts. With an appropriate acne treatment regimen, you can expect to see results in as little as two weeks.

The first step to clearer skin is to use a gentle cleanser as part of your daily skin care routine. Cleansers are an important part of any acne treatment regimen because they remove dead skin cells, excess sebum, dirt, debris and bacteria from your pores. Your cleanser should not contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate, an inexpensive foaming agent that often causes skin irritation in acne sufferers.

After cleansing your skin, you'll also want to apply a treatment mask. The purpose of a treatment mask is to open pores, clear debris, and fight free radicals, bacteria, lipases, and elastases. Look for a mask that contains natural botanicals such as willow bark and green tea extract.

An anti-acne treatment gel that reduces inflammation and promotes a clearer complexion is the final component of an effective skin care routine. Treatment gels should not contain Benzyl Peroxide, a harsh chemical that produces skin-damaging free radicals. A more appropriate alternative is Salicylic Acid, a dermatologist-approved ingredient with a low risk of skin irritation.

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